ALL students must sign a contract and complete a Student Information Form.

For private lesson enrollment, please submit your registration fee of $20.00.

1.  Specific to in-home and studio lessons- Tuition is billed on a monthly basis; tuition is based on a 4-week month, no extra charge for 5-week months; this contract is on a month-to-month basis. 

2.  A one-time only $20 registration fee is due at acceptance.  Group class students are NOT subject to this registration fee. In the event of a waiting list or holding lesson time availability, this fee will secure an available lesson time. 

3.  Specific to private lessons- Shortly after registering for lessons, you will receive an invoice in the mail.  When starting in the middle of a month, the bill will be prorated. The subsequent tuition invoices will be sent on the first of each month.

4.  Specific to group classes- Please pay all tuition fees online before the first class.  For anyone needing a payment plan, please contact The Music Staff Studio office.

5.  Each student is granted one (1) cancelled lesson per semester during the academic school year (September-May).  This lesson is to be either prorated or rescheduled, based on the availability of all parties.  No refunds will be given for further missed lessons/classes. Make-up lessons/classes are not guaranteed if the student misses further lessons. Rescheduled lessons are based on the availability of the instructor. Please contact the instructor directly for possible scheduling. The account will be refunded if the lesson/class was cancelled or missed by the instructor and a make-up lesson/class was not given. 

Between the months of June-August, billing is prorated or lessons are rescheduled for students that cancel due to a planned summer events with advanced notice (one month).

6.  The responsible party must call and inform the office of The Music Staff Studio before the 15th day of any month to discontinue private lessons for the following month. If the student or responsible party does not inform The Music Staff Studio or the instructor of discontinuing, and the instructor had a lesson time blocked in his/her schedule, the student will be billed for that lesson. The following month tuition is due if lessons are discontinued after the 15th day of the month. 

7.  Specific to in-home and studio lessons- The Music Staff Studio observes the following holidays with no make-up lessons given... Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Any missed lesson(s) due to other holidays will be rescheduled based on instructor and student schedules. 

8.  Specific to bi-weekly lessons- Students enrolled in every other week lessons will be billed per lesson (per lesson rates are based on a 4-week month). Students and teachers may choose to reschedule lessons that fall on holidays. Students enrolled in lessons every other week may chose to take or bypass a third lesson in months when five weeks occur. In any case, The Music Staff Studio will invoice only the number of lessons given. 

9.  There will be a late charge of fifteen percent (15%) of the unpaid balance for payments received after the due date.

10.  The Music Staff Studio Performing Arts Academy reserves the right to suspend lessons if the balance remains unpaid. If balance remains unpaid for 60 days, lessons will be suspended and the account will be referred to a collections agency for recovery for all past due amounts, in addition to all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney fees. 

11.  There will be a one time $20.00 discount applied to the following month’s tuition for each referral that enrolls with The Music Staff Studio. 

12.  The Music Staff Studio cannot be held responsible for any injury to the student or damage to the property of the student while teaching. 

13.  The instructor cannot be held responsible for any injury to the student or damage to the property of the student while teaching that was not the result of neglect. 


14.  Specific to school lessons- Tuition is applied monthly. NOTE: Tuition is based on a four- week month. There is no extra charge or prorate for 5th week lessons.


15.  Specific to school lessons- Any missed lesson(s) due to holidays or snow days will be rescheduled based on instructor and student schedules. If the instructor is unable to reschedule a lesson, there will be no charge for school vacations and/or snow days. The account will be credited for the following month. 


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