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Tips for New Students:

The Music Staff Studio would like to say thank you for choosing us... whether you are a parent or an adult student! We are eager to begin your music journey. There is no greater feeling than to develop the gift of music. We hope this encourages both students and parents, since there are times when we all feel discouraged. We would like to share some ideas to help you through your musical emergence ahead.

1. Always be positive about yourself and your musical progress you have achieved. Keep your goals and expectations realistic to your own capability.  Remember that if you don’t accomplish the goal immediately, in time you will.

2. Never compare yourself to others, as each person has his or her own timetable for learning. Don’t be in a hurry to learn everything immediately.

3. We usually require a minimum of 15 minutes practice each day for a 30- minute weekly lesson. It’s best to be consistent with daily practice, rather than a volume of practicing in one day. Parents may want to use a chart, an egg-timer, and a reward system for practicing all 5 days of the week... these techniques usually support consistent practice. We suggest taking off one or two days for a break!

4. If you don’t get to practice your weekly goal, DON’T WORRY! You will get another chance the following week. Remember... “Your best is good enough.”

5. Don’t be afraid to ask your instructor questions about things you don’t understand. Our instructors are always ready to make sure you understand the lesson material. We love questions!

6. And most of all... relax and enjoy the lessons! We are here for you. Whether you are a younger student, busy professional or a Mom without a lot of free time to practice... we teach according to your pace. We also want to teach you the style of music you’re interested in! We want you to enjoy the lessons as well!

7. Although our contract is only month-to-month, we highly recommend that beginners set a goal of at least 6 months to a year of consistent lessons before giving up. The first 6-12 months are the most difficult. Once you pass this “bump”, you can make a better judgment on whether to continue lessons or not.  We strive to make your lessons as adventurous and enjoyable as possible.


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