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Little ballerinas doing exercises and bending sitting on floor in ballet class.
About The Music Staff Studio

The Music Staff Studio is a family-operated performing arts program, made up of a team of music and dance educators whose mission is to create an educational experience that is creative, fun, and convenient. We provide both one-on-one instruction and group instruction, and organize regular recitals to encourage our students to showcase their skills and celebrate their growth.


We understand how demanding family schedules can be, so we offer many different lesson options to best fit your family's needs. The Music Staff Studio currently offers after-school instruction at St. Paul Christian Academy, Battle Ground Academy, Currey Ingram Academy, Akiva School, and Linden Corner. We also offer instruction in-home, and in our West Meade studio space.

We enjoy making an instructor selection that is best suited to each individual student. We pride ourselves in creating the best relationship to assist each musical journey. As musicians and music lovers ourselves, we constantly strive to customize and individualize each lesson to create an incomparable musical experience. 

Our Philosophy

"Music is the universal language of mankind."-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


We approach the performing arts as language.  Our comprehensive program fosters all facets of learning to develop a holistic musician and self.  We integrate learning processes while teaching students how to read, write, interpret, compose, analyze, perform, and most importantly, connect with the language of music.  


Founder's Notes

"Teaching music to others and igniting a love for music has been a pure joy.  Having two young children, I am even more aware of the importance of fostering creativity while developing important cognitive skills. My heart is full knowing we are a small part in the process of creating a holistic environment where children are supported, loved, and nurtured."

-The Music Staff Studio Founder, Jamie Bricker

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