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Covid-19 and The Music Staff Studio





Our MSS teachers are currently teaching in-home, studio, school lessons, as well as Zoom lessons.  


Per CDC guidelines concerning the new Delta variant, we encourage all teachers and students to wear a mask during indoor lessons and classes.  Our teachers and students will continue to adhere to all school guidelines and policies related to COVID-19 protocols.

In addition, teachers continue to follow the safety precautions listed below.  We also encourage families to follow the same protocols to help keep our MSS family healthy.

  • Self-monitoring temperature

  • Both teacher and student should continue to wear a face covering if teacher is not fully vaccinated— we know it’s sometimes difficult and uncomfortable for little ones to wear a mask!  We encourage all students to wear a mask when possible.  We hope the short duration of  lessons will help practice mask wearing.

  • Washing/sanitizing hands before and after every lesson

  • Wiping down keyboard/piano with sanitizer before/after each lesson

  • Please inform The MSS should you or a family member be experiencing signs of COVID-19.

  • Practicing general CDC guidelines


We thank you so much and love being a part of your family’s musical life!

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